PLANS and ReviewS

Lawyer Serving Exceptional Children and their Parents in Pennsylvania and Delaware

Equity in Education

Children with disabilities are entitled to equity in education. Individualized Education Plans help your child get the individualized instruction and services he or she needs.

The formal evaluation process and drafting of an IEP can be a difficult and confusing journey. We can help you at every step, from reviewing a current IEP and suggesting necessary services to appealing school decisions about specialized instruction.

Your Parental IEp Rights

Participate in IEP Meetings

All meetings about your child's services must be open and transparent. You cannot legally be excluded from the process.

Contest School Decisions

You have the right to legally object to a school's accommodation decisions, such as denying services or individualized instruction.

Independent Evaluation

If you believe the school's services are inadequate, you have the right to request public funding of an independent evaluation of your child's educational needs.

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